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CimFAX Paperless Fax Server Standard Edition
CimFAX Paperless Fax Server Professional Edition
CimFAX Paperless Fax Server Professional Two-line Edition
CimFAX Paperless Fax Server Ultimate Two-line Edition

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Warranty Policy
Warranty Period

The warranty period of fax server is one year.
The warranty period of the power adapter is one year.

The following circumstances are not included in the warranty policy. However, we provide paid service.

1. Any damage to the products caused by installing, using, and maintaining not based on the instructions.
2. The warranty period is overdue.
3. Invalid product certificate and invoice certificate.
4. The barcode and warranty card of the products are altered, deleted, or lost.
5. The model and barcode of the products are not matched with the real products.
6. The products are dismounted and repaired by someone who is not from our company.
7. Any product failure caused by changing defaulted documents of the system software and hardware or using third party software, without our approval.
8. Any damage caused by accidental factors or artificial behaviors, including using non-specified power, non-specified working environment, mechanical damage, or severe oxidation due to inappropriate utilization.
9. Any damage caused by other force majeure, including earthquake, flood, and fire.

Technical Support and Software Upgrade

Before send the products for repairing, please call our engineers to confirm the product failure.
Or you can log in our website to confirm by email or online support by the online communication module on the right of the interface.
Hot line: +86-4006228700
Sales: +86-8613600011553
Support: +86-13600011553
Fax: +86-20-85566893
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