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CimFAX Fax Server Troubleshooting Guide

1. Server not found (on Windows)/cannot find the device (on Mac)?
  1. 1. Please check lights on the front panel of CimFAX box. Usually only the lights of READY, POWER, LAN, LINE are on the first time you set it up. If all the lights are on, please contact us for a replacement.
  2. 2. Please connect CimFAX and your computer to the same router,both directly,without any switch or router in between. If it still fails, please push the RST button once or twice on the rear panel of the server. No need to hold. Just push it and then try to log in or connect to the deivce again.
  3. 3. Try using another Ethernet cable to connect CimFAX and your router or connecting CimFAX to another port on the router. Sometimes the port on the router is dead.
  4. 4. Try rebooting the server by power it off and then power it on.
  5. 5. On a Windows computer, please let CimFAX through your firewall/turn firewall off and turn it back on after the CimFAX app finds the server. Go to your Firewall, then click Allow an app allow through firewall and check if CFXFinder and FaxBox of CimFAX are on the list. If not, please click Change settings>Allow another app>Browse>Local Disk C>Program files x86>Cimsun Tech>CimFAX>CFXFinder and FaxBox of CimFAX>Open>Add>OK.
  6. 6. Please download CimFAX FaxGo app from GooglePlay or AppStore on your phone. Connect your phone to the wifi from the router that CimFAX is connected to. Create an account and log in to see if the app can find the server.
  7. 7. Log into your router to find CimFAX's IP address. Enter "Network and sharing center" in the search bar. Then click "Ethernet" or "Wifi", then click "Details". Find the default gateway which is an IP address. Enter that IP address in your web browser. Then username and password which you can find on the bottom of your router or Google the default username and password of your router brand and model, or you can also contact your router support. Once you are logged in, find CimFAX's IP address in the "Devices" or "Connections" list. Then type in this IP address in the field of "Server" in the login screen to log in.
  8. 8. Try resetting CimFAX. Please follow the instruction 14 below to reset CimFAX.
  9. 9. On a Mac computer, when adding/connecting to a device, please type in admin in both the device account and password.
  10. 10. If you still couldn't log in or add a device, please email the above info and the operating system of your computer to our tech support at for help. We will respond within 10 hours. Due to different security policy of your email, you may have to check your spam folder for our reply.
2. Lost connection to server intermittently?
  1. 1. Use another Ethernet cable to connect CimFAX and your router.
  2. 2. Connect CimFAX to another LAN port of your router.
  3. 3. Add a router/switch and connect CimFAX to it.
  4. 4. Check whether there's an IP conflict on your network. Power off CimFAX. Then open Command Prompt on your computer. Ping IP address of your CimFAX. For example, if your CimFAX's IP address is Enter: ping then press enter. If there are replies, then there's another device using the same IP address. In this case, power on CimFAX. Log in. Then go to "Server">"Network settings" to change CimFAX IP address.
  5. 5. Get server log and email it to
3. Fax to email fails/How to set up fax forward to email?
  1. 1. Login as admin. Click “Server”>“Network settings”. Check if the internet status is connected.
  2. 2. If yes, go to “Server”>“User Accounts”, check if the permissions of "Fax forward to email" and "Distribute" have been checked on.
  3. 3. If yes, please check if the SMTP server address, Encrypt link and port are correct. Please note: SMTP account is the email for sending. Enter the same email address in these two fields. Also make sure that your email service supports SMTP auth.
  4. 4. If you are using gmail, please go to your Google account settings to create an APP password for CimFAX. Here is the link how to create an APP password: Then use this APP password as the SMTP password in fax to email setup on CimFAX. Outlook SMTP address is: or Encrypt link: TLS. Port: 587.
  5. 5. If you are using outlook email, but still couldn't get any fax in your email. Please login your outlook email on your computer to complete an authentication. Then see if you can get fax in your email.
  6. 6. Please update your server software to version 5058. Download update package in download center and follow steps in intruction 9 below to update.
  7. 7. If you still cannot get fax in your email, please email screenshots of user accounts, network settings, fax to email settings and server log to tech support ( for help.
4. How to set up remote access?
  1. 1. Login as admin. Click “Server”>“Network settings”. Make sure the internet status is connected.
  2. 2. If not, change the subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS to the same as those of your computer. (Your computer has to be connected to the internet, in this case)
  3. 3. Log into your router and get into the setting/configuration page.
  4. 4. Find port forwarding, add port starting at 3001, ending at 3008. Click Add. (That how to configure port forwarding could be found on the support page of your router's website).
  5. 5. Go to CimFAX client. Click “Help”>“Server Information”. Write down the serial number.
  6. 6. Click “Server”>“User Accounts”. Check on the permission of “Remote Access” for the user who need to use this feature (Note: admin does not have the permission of remote access).
  7. 7. Click “File”>“Switch user” and then the ... button beside the IP address field. Choose “Find remote”, type in the serial number you wrote down in step 5. Click “Find”.
  8. 8. Message “Find remote server, IP:” will appear.
  9. 9. Login with this IP address next time when you/other users are working remotely.
5. Can't import contacts?
  • 1. Create a new excel. Add three columns or more, name them Name, Company, Fax number, etc. Type information in these cells.
  • 2. Save the file as .xls. Name the file on Windows and csv on Mac without any space or punctuation in between.
  • 3. Open CimFAX, click “Options”>“Contacts”>“Import” in the upper left corner of the window. Choose display name for each column and then it is done.
    6. How to auto save fax to SMB shared folder?
  • 1. Create a SMB shared folder, add Everyone permission and permission of full control, read and change.
  • 2. Right click the folder, choose Properties and click “Sharing”. Copy the network path of it.
  • 3. Close the window and open the shared folder. Create a folder named admin, or name of your user account.
  • 4. Open CimFAX, click “Options”>“Automatic Export”. Check on the option of “Save as general file format” and paste the network path you copied in step 2.
  • 5. Click “Apply”.
    7. Server beeps every 3 seconds?
  • 1. Server beeping every 3 seconds means line signal not detected. Check if the two ends of the phone line are plugged in well. Try plugging it on and off. If it is still beeping, please plug the line into a telephone or a regular fax machine to see if you can make a call out. If not, then there's something wrong with either your fax line or the connector on the end. Please contact your phone service provider in this case.
  • 2. Check if there's another fax machine or telephone connected to this phone line. If yes, whenever fax machine or you telephone is offhook, CimFAX will detect no signal and beep. You can go to "Server">"Fax options" to check on "Disable warning beep of this line".
    8. Failed to install CimFAX Virtual Printer?
    1. 1. Download illustrated instructions: Install CimFAX Virtual Printer.pdf
    2. 2. Download CimFAX Virtual Printer Package: CFX_PRINTER.rar
    9. How to update server software?
    1. 1. Download Server Update Package in the page of download center.
    2. 2. Unzip it. You will see that it is an .img file. DO NOT try to burn/unzip/open this file. Then log into CimFAX as admin user.
    3. 3. Go to "Server">"System Upgrade". Browse and select the .img file.
    4. 4. Click "Start Upgrade". Give the server a few minutes to finish the update.
    10. Can't send fax?
    1. 1. For Error "No dial tone", check if the fax line is plugged into the "LINE" port instead of "PHONE" port and make sure that your fax line is in service. If yes, please check if there's a telephone or fax machine connected to CimFAX and it is on a call/receiving a fax. If yes, please wait till the call is over/fax received then try resending this fax.
    2. 2. For error "FaxCore no respond" and error "Fax answer tone not detected", check if the fax number is correct and if you have entered fax number correctly. Do not add any punctutation or space in the fax number, like 800-200-5252. Enter fax number like this: 8002005252.
    3. 3. Check with the recipients if their fax machines' memory is full.
    4. 4. If the fax numbers you saved in contact or entered in the "To" field already contain area code, such as 7312005202, then do not enter local area code in "Fax Options" under "Server" menu.
    5. 5. Go to "Server">"Fax options" to choose a lower sending speed and then retry sending the failed faxes again. If it still cannot go out, go to "Server">"Fax options" to check on "Send fax with ECM enabled". Retry sending again.
    6. 6. Click "Listen in Fax Sending" in the drop-down menu of "Options". Then retry sending. When this attempt is completed, go to CimFAX file location, find a .wav file in the "Voice Log" folder and send it to our support to get help.
    11. Cannot convert document to fax?
    1. 1. If you are using a Widnows computer, please check whether CimFAX printer is installed by going to "Printers and Scanners".
    2. 2. If it is a PDF document, then please use Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.
    3. 3. Open the document, click print and choose CimFAX printer. Document will be converted to fax in this way.
    4. 4. If you are using a Mac computer, please save the document as a PDF, jpg or png file and then drop it in CimFAX---send fax interface.
    12. Cannot receive fax?
    1. 1. Check if the fax line is plugged into the "LINE" port instead of "PHONE" port.
    2. 2. Check if there's another device attached to CimFAX. If yes, please set that device picks up after CimFAX.
    3. 3. Check if the fax line is in service by plugging it into a telephone or a traditional fax machine if you have any and try to call out with it and call in.
    4. 4. Please check with your phone company to make sure that you line has fax service enabled.
    5. 5. Click "Start Listen in" in the drop-down menu of "Server". Then retry receiving. When the sending attempt is completed on the other end, go to CimFAX file location, find a Listenin.wav file in the "Voice Log" folder and send it to our support to get help.
    13. Cannot add or delete user account?
    1. 1. Downgrading CimFAX server software will solve this problem. Download Server V.5048 Package.
    2. 2. Unzip it. You will see that it is an .img file. DO NOT try to burn/unzip/open this file. Then log in to CimFAX as admin.
    3. 3. Go to "Server">"System Upgrade". Browse and select the file SwUpdate_5048.img.
    4. 4. Click "Start Upgrade". Give the server a few minutes to finish the update.
    14. Failed to install CimFAX printer on Windows server 2012/2016/2019?
    1. 1. Please download CimFAX installation package for Windows server computer.
    2. 2. Decompress it.
    3. 3. Right click the exe file and select "Run as administrator" to reinstall.
    15. How to reset CimFAX?
    1. Please note: do not reset CimFAX unless you are not able to log into CimFAX or you forget admin password.
    2. Please follow the steps below to reset:
    3. 1. Check the IP address of your computer. If you are using a Windows computer, please go to "Network and Sharing Center", click "Ethernet" or "Wifi" then "Details". If you are using a Mac computer, please go to "Network", click "Wifi", then "Advanced".
    4. 2. If the IP address of your computer is not 192.168.1.x, please add the IP address to your computer.
    5. 3. To add an IP address to your Windows computer: go to "Network and Sharing Center">click "Ethernet" or "Wifi">"Properties">double click "Internet Protocol Version 4">choose "Use the following IP address" and "Use the following DNS server address">fill the exact same information from the "Details" in step 1>then click "Advanced">enter the IP address and subnet mask which is the same as that you entered in the last step>click "Add", then "OK".
    6. 4. To add an IP address to your Mac computer: go to "Network">click "+" on the lower left corner of the "Network" window>fill the "Interface" and "Service name" which can be CimFAX>click "Create">enter the IP address, then subnet mask and router which are the same as you find in "Advanced" in step 1>click "Apply".
    7. 5. Now you can start to reset the server. Power off and power on the server. After you hear a long beep, use a paper clip to press the RST button on the back panel of the unit and hold it until you hear another long beep (Please NOTE: DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL YOU HEAR A LONG BEEP. This is important).
    8. 6. Wait for a moment. The READY light at the front panel of the server box will be out or flashing.
    9. 7. When READY light becomes steady, the server is successfully back in factory settings.
    10. 8. Server network settings will be restored to factory set. IP address: and subnet mask: Admin password will be restored to: “admin”.
    11. 9. Log into the server with factory IP address (, user name: admin and password: admin.
    12. 10. Now you are logged in. Click “Server” and then “User Account” to reset admin account and password or "Network Settings" to change the server's IP address to the one on your local network.
    13. 11. Power off the server and then power on to reboot.
    14. 12. Run CimFAX client. If you didn't change the server's IP address, log in with the IP address before the whole reset. If you changed it, log in with the new IP address. Do not log in with which is just a temporary IP address.
    16. Document scanned shows black?
    1. Click Options>Scan settings. Click Default and then Apply. Problem will be solved.
    17. CimFAX Fax Error Codes and Solutions
    1. Please refer to this file CimFAX Fax Error Codes and Solutions
    18. How can I delete faxes on the server?
    1. 1. Please click "Server">"Advanced variables" ("Devices">"Advanced variables" if you are using a Mac computer) to add the following:
    2. 2. Click Apply. Please note: 0 means no and 1 means yes.
    3. 3. Click "Server">"Fax history" ("Devices">"Fax history" if you are using a Mac computer).
    4. 4. Select date range and sent/received, then select the faxes you'd like to delete.
    5. 5. Click "Delete permanently".
    6. 6. You can also go to the public inbox to select faxes to delete. Faxes received will be deleted both from the client and the server.
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